tisdag 2 december 2014

Turnout manufacturing

In order to be able to proceede I need track and switches. Since Atlas have problems, or at least have had for the last couple of years, I decided to make mine own using Fast Tracks template and material.

As a first step however, I bought 13 "frames" (track with no wooden tiles) from Per Eklund in order to get some practice and a kick start. These are now about to be finalised and ready for the layout.

I use the paper template from Fast Track ind glue the wodden tiles onto the paper using ordinary carpetenter glue.

With all the tiles in place it is time for testing.

It fits fine, lucky me

Thirteen turnouts read for painting

Painting the tiles and track separately is a good way to ensure good paint coverage.

Now I only have 20pcs of #6 turnouts left to do from scratch and 3pcs of #12. Life is fun.

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