måndag 5 juni 2017

Long time no action

I am deeply sorry for the absence of activity here on this blog. I have not at all been unactive with model railoading but for the last 12 month (plus) I have focused my efforts on the moduls.

The home layout has become a storage for a lot of tools, material and other items used when building the modules. It is also a temporary yard and testing track for cars.

During this time I have thought a lot about my home layout and how to proceed; should I finalize it as planned, scrap it and use the material for modules or find a third, so called inbetween, solution.

This is now the preliminary plan:

Decrease the initial plan and build a staging yard in direct conjunction to the industrial area:

It would provide oportunities for interesting traffic on the industrial area with challenging switching puzzles.

Since there are no layout to limit the space above the work bench I can extend the storage and make the work area more practical.

I do not have to be so careful when handeling wood work in the other end of the room.


I will use existing material (PECO Insulfrog code 80) for the yard. Since there will be no landscape the design does not matter. The insulated frogs will not cause and problems with the large US-engines.

If you have any comments, please do not hesitate -go ahead.

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